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Hidden Sources in your Backyard
Contact the West Valley Mosquito and Vector Control District to Report Green Pools.
909-635-0307 or

  • Broken Sprinklers/overwatering
  • Unkept bird baths
  • Clogged drains & gutters
  • Tires, Pails, Rain Barrels, etc.
  • Unkept pools
  • Pet dishes
  • Clean rain gutters regularly
  • Replace broken or missing screens with tight-fitting ones
  • Wading pools
  • Open trash cans
  • Leaky pipes
  • Ponds
  • Overgrown vegetation

Green pools aren't the only places mosquitoes can breed!
Check your backyard and neighborhood for these common sources.

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Green Pools and Standing Water: Hidden Challenges in Your Backyard

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What is "Standing Water?"

Water that sits for a minimum of five days around the home is considered "standing water". Many places that hold standing water can become stagnant and breed mosquitoes.

Common sources are:

Trash cans, bird baths, boats, hot tubs, wading or "kiddie pools", tires, plant pots, and swimming pools, especially on vacant or abandoned properties.

Why are these problems for neighborhoods?

These standing water sources can and often do breed mosquitoes. Mosquitoes feed on the bacteria and organic matter in the water. One of our most common mosquitoes, the southern house mosquito, takes advantage of these standing water sources in backyards. They commonly lay their eggs in these sources; and can become flying adults in as little as five days! A single green swimming pool can produce millions of potentially disease transmitting mosquitoes over the course of one summer!

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What is a "Green Pool"?

A "green pool" contains excessive organic matter such as leaves and debris which leads to bacterial and algal growth and consequently a green to blackish color in the water. Green pools, often neglected by owners, are not properly maintained with filtration and chemicals. The District Conducts aerial surveys yearly to identify green pools like the picture above.

What Should You do if You Identify a Green Pool?

If you know of a green pool or other source of standing water in your neighborhood, contact the West Valley Mosquito and Vector Control District as soon as possible. Vector Control Districts can help residents by using bio control agents formulated to kill mosquito larvae. The District also works with cities to inform them of places in need of maintenance and repair.

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What Can the District do to Help?

The District will attempt to contact the owner of the pool and ask that an inspection of the pool be made. District technicians will treat the pool to eliminate mosquito breeding if necessary. The District will then work with the property owner to permanently solve the problem. If the problem is not rectified within a reasonable amount of time, the District may implement abatement procedures resulting a fines of up to 1,000 dollars per day plus the cost of abatement procedures until the problem is rectified.

What Can You Do?

Dump and turn over small sources of water like birdbaths and trash cans a minimum of every 5 days to eliminate mosquito breeding sources.
Restore the pool filtration and maintenance even during the winter months. Mosquitoes in our area can breed year-round.
If the pool is not going to be used ever again, drain the pool completely and fill it or make sure it will not hold water again.
Call us at 909-635-0307 or visit We can help.