There are only two known species of spiders that are deemed medically important in California, the Black Widow and Brown Widow.  Although they pose a risk to humans, all spiders are very beneficial, helping to reduce insect populations around your home. There are many other species of spiders that inhabit our area, but their bites and venom are not considered dangerous to people.

Black Widows

Brown Widows

These species below are common spiders in California, and are harmless to people - actually they too are quite beneficial! 

Grass Spider

Wolf Spider

Cellar Spider

Orb Weaver

A fantastic resource for more spider information is available at the University of California Riverside Entomology website.  Click HERE for a link to their page.  There is great information about Brown Widows, Hobo Spiders, Brown Recluse, and various myths and real facts about these fascinating creatures. We encourage you to visit their site and get acquainted with the misunderstood world of spiders.

Link to UCR Spiders Website