Crane Flies are harmless valley residents that tend to come out in large numbers in the early summertime.  Craneflies cannot sting or bite you; in fact, most adult craneflies don’t even eat!  The larvae of craneflies live in soil and along streambanks and tend to eat grassroots and may eat some small insects.  They are also called daddy long legs and mosquito hawks, but they are neither spiders nor do they eat mosquitoes as adults.  Craneflies differ from mosquitoes in that they are typically larger (around this area), they cannot bite or sting, they have no scales on their wings, and they have halteres (small knobs behind their wings).  If you have craneflies around your home, DON’T WORRY, they will not hurt you and will die out in several weeks.

Craneflies vary from 1/4’’ - 1 1/2’’  long
Craneflies cannot sting or bite
Craneflies are attracted to light
Cranefly larvae eat grass roots and are called “leatherjackets”