• Opossums are marsupial mammals
  • The female has a pouch, an elongated snout and a pink nose
  • Black eyes and ears
  • A long tail
  • Grey to black fur
  • A defined sagittal crest, meaning they have exceptionally strong jaw muscles
  • Consume both plants and animals
  • Immune to snake venom


  • Their habitats range from moist to dry climates
  • Their environment can be anything from woodsy to open fields; however, they prefer to be by swamps or streams
  • Opossums usually take up occupancy in the burrows of other animals, tree cavities, or brush piles as well as attics and garages
  • They can be seen on both tree limbs as well as on the ground


  • All green and yellow vegetables
  • Grasses
  • Most types of fruit
  • Carriun
  • People food
  • Snails, slugs, and earthworms of all types
  • Insects, flies, roaches, etc.
  • Rats and mice
  • Snakes
  • Amphibians
  • Ground eggs
  • Crayfish and other fish
  • Certain types of dog and cat food
  • Dead animals
  • Small birds
  • Opossums consume almost anything they can find!


  • Laws protecting opossums vary from state to state
  • It is advisable to contact your local wildlife authorities before removing nuisance animals
  • Traps may be available at your local animal control agency