The District's Technical Services is crucial to a well functioning District. The West Valley Mosquito and Vector Control District operates on an Integrated Vector Management (IVM) strategy. IVM incorporates education, prevention, and direct control to minimize the use of larvicides and pupicides and provide longer-term control methods.  

District Technicians are our "front line". They respond to resident complaints, survey and identify vector breeding sources, alter habitats to make them less desirable to vectors, and apply pesticides when necessary to minimize the risk of disease. Our technicians are out in the field daily, tracking down and controlling disease-carrying critters, so give them a wave when you see their trucks!

District Technicians respond to resident concerns when they call in or use our website to create a service request.

Technicians strive to respond within 48 hours to mosquito complaints. 

Services we DO provide:

  • Inspection for mosquitoes

  •  Rodent inspections around residence

  • Swimming pool inspection

  • Pre-construction vector survey

  • Larvicide and pupacide applications

  • Habitat modification for vector reduction

  • Honey bee removal in vegetation and NON-STRUCTURAL AREAS ONLY (Bees in or on homes, walls, and other structures require a private pest control company)

Vector Control District's primary goal is management of insects and animals that can spread disease.

Districts do not have jurisdiction over: 

  • Raccoon and opossums in yards

  • Stray dogs

  • Gophers and squirrels

  • Birds and bird nests

  • Non-vector insects (false chinch bugs, stink bugs, etc.)

For additional contact information on services we do not provide, click here.