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Mosquito Information
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Learn More about Integrated Pest Management and how the District uses it, click the wheel below!

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Mosquitofish are a great biological control method - Learn more by clicking the wheel above!


  • Inspection for mosquitoes
  • Habitat modification for vector reduction
  • Swimming pool inspection
  • Larvicide and pupacide applications
  • Pre-construction vector survey
  • Inspection for rodents around residence
  • Honey Bee Hive Removal in vegetation and non-structural areas (Any bees in or on homes, walls, and other structures require a private pest control company or beekeepers association) during non-peak mosquito breeding times.

The District's Vector Control Technicians respond to resident concerns when they call in or use our website to create a service request. Our technicians strive to respond within 48 hours to all requests.

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