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West Nile Virus Update 

There was 1 positive West Nile virus 
mosquito sample collected this week 
September 21st - September 25th, 2020
in Chino Hills.

near the Via La Mesa area

Have a Game Plan
Against Mosquitoes! 

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Covid-19 Update 


If you wish to visit the district for insect identification or to pick up mosquitofish, please call first to make an appointment. 


When arriving at the District, a facial covering is mandatory to enter the building. Call us at 909-635-0307 for appointments.

District services have been updated so that staff will start knocking on doors, leaving doorhangers, and providing regular service requests with the following conditions:


  1. Whenever dealing with the public, District staff must wear a facial covering.

  2. Staff must maintain social distancing while performing a service request. 

  3. If requested, the District will continue its contactless service to residents.

Invasive Aedes Information



  • Inspection for mosquitoes
  • Habitat modification for vector reduction
  • Swimming pool inspection
  • Larvicide and pupacide applications
  • Pre-construction vector survey
  • Inspection for rodents around residence
  • Honey Bee Hive Removal in vegetation and non-structural areas (Any bees in or on homes, walls, and other structures require a private pest control company or beekeepers association) during non-peak mosquito breeding times.

The District's Vector Control Technicians respond to resident concerns when they call in or use our website to create a service request. Our technicians strive to respond within 48 hours to all requests.

Phone: (909) 635 - 0307
Fax: (909) 635 - 0405
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Address: 1295 E. Locust St., Ontario, CA 91761