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Welcome to West Valley Mosquito and Vector Control

District Recognized for IPM Efforts

The District is thrilled to accept this award recognizing our efforts in research, outreach, and Integrated Vector Management strategies!

Invasive Aedes Information

Invasive Aedes mosquitoes have been found in some of our cities, and we would like to recommend some ways to protect yourself from these and other mosquitoes this summer.

Aedes are an important species because they are known transmitters of West Nile virus, Dengue, and Zika virus. They have been spreading rapidly throughout Southern California, and have the potential to be a serious vector in our region. 

Residents can help combat this invasive mosquito by dumping all standing water. Items such as birdbaths, trash cans, flowerpots need to be drained of any residual water and scrubbed. Pet water dishes should have the water changed frequently and cleaned to remove algae or bacteria buildup. Pools and spas should be in operating condition or completely drained of water. 


Aedes are small mosquitoes that will aggressively pursue people during the day and the evening. They prefer to lay eggs in man-made receptacles such as tires, fountains, potted plants, and birdbaths. Aedes mosquitoes will lay their eggs singly on the sides of containers, usually just above the water line, and when the eggs meet with water, they activate and hatch. They are not solely outdoors either, they will lay eggs in containers inside homes as well.  

To prevent mosquito bites, ensure that window screens are in good repair, and to use an effective mosquito repellent when outdoors. The Centers for Disease Control recommends using a repellent containing Picaridin, DEET, Oil of Lemon Eucalyptus, or IR3535. 


If you are having any mosquito related problems or would like to report a green pool please call the District at 909-635-0307 or contact us online HERE

a picture of Aedes albopictus mosquito

Aedes albopictus

a picture of Aedes aegypti mosquito

Aedes aegypti



  • Inspection for mosquitoes
  • Habitat modification for vector reduction
  • Swimming pool inspection
  • Larvicide and pupacide applications
  • Pre-construction vector survey
  • Inspection for rodents around residence
  • Honey Bee Hive Removal in vegetation and non-structural areas (Any bees in or on homes, walls, and other structures require a private pest control company or beekeepers association)

The District's Vector Control Technicians respond to resident concerns when they call in or use our website to create a service request. Our technicians strive to respond within 48 hours to all requests.

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