Q: What is a vector?

A: A vector is an organism that can transmit diseases from one organism to another.

Q: What type of services do you provide?
A: We provide mosquito and bedbug inspections, rodent inspections around residences, swimming pool inspections, pre-construction vector survey, larvicide and pupacide applications, habitat modification for vector reduction, and honey bee removal in vegetation and non-structural areas.

Q: What is a special district?



Q: What is a green pool?

A: A "green pool"contains excessive organic matter such as leaves and debris which leads to bacterial and algal growth. Green pools are not properly maintained with filtration and chemicals. They are also perfect breeding ground for mosquitoes so contact the West Valley Mosquito and Vector Control District as soon as possible.

Q: Where can I get mosquito fish?

A: You can call us at (909) 635-0307 or email us at adminemail@wvmvcd.org for availability. 



Q: There are bees in my house! Can you remove them?

A: Sorry! We are not licensed to remove bees from structures like houses, chimneys, garages, sheds, and birdhouses. We can only remove bees from vegetation (trees, bushes, and shrubs). Licensed private pest control operators can help you with bees inside a house, structure, or private property. 

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